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i have a lot of free time on my hands and im always seeing posts regarding transport. How does one get "approved" to be a transport? I dont mind driving, and i have a trailblazer thats big enough for two crates in the back, if not more if i fold down my back seats. I could drive a few hours if needed, i live in fairfield county, ct which is about 10 minutes to the brewster, ny line, and im only about hlaf hour from hartford. There always seems like a lot of help needed up here, so i thought i would ask to see how one goes about helping these rescues make it to their homes/rescues. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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When I started transporting there was really no such thing as approval, but I can see the need for it nowdays. Could you hook up with a local rescue and have them do a home visit to meet you? Tons of transports come up 95 so you could be as busy as you want to doing them.

Equally as important though, is to do a transport for a reputable group or transporter. All dogs that go in your car must have proper paperwork and appropriate vaccinations. I'm near 95 south of the GWB so I can point you to some coordinators who I have transported for.
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