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Transportation LA to SF (will help with gas cost)

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CONTACT [email protected] ASAP if you can help with pulling these dogs to safety or transporting them to San Francisco--SEE UPDATE below.
cc [email protected], [email protected]

UPDATE: Kim Conley (Grateful Dogs Rescue, San Francisco) needs someone to pull these old girls from the LA shelter and then help with transport. Kim has stepped in to help with finances for adoption and gas money.

Details follows:
Blanca Impound: A0953479
Bridget Impound: A0953477 South Los Angeles shelter: (213)485-0119 or 0117

These two beauties stand forgotten and abandoned by all who loved them when they were puppies. They are now facing death at the crowded Los Angeles shelter, in a cage at the last row on the end. What is most heartbreaking is that they love each other and find comfort in each other's company. What if one is taken to die before the other?

They were dumped at the shelter by someone who said that they were "strays". They are such friendly, social dogs that you know they belonged to someone once. Blanca "talks", she makes cute funny sounds similar to those dogs we've all seen who say, "oowhoo wuv you, " on television. Bridget just beamed from the moment we took her out of her cage and pet her to the time we had to force them back in their cages.

The shelter has Bridget listed as 10 years old [Blanca is listed as 6]. I think Bridget is younger. There was no vet avail so her listed age stands at 10 years old, most likely meaning a death sentence. They are beautiful stunning dogs in an overcrowded, overwhelmed shelter [there was a dog dumped every 9 minutes last Saturday].

My name is not on these dogs. If you are interested in rescuing call the shelter ASAP

When I took Bridget to see if there was a vet available who would reconsider the initial age assessment, she touched noses with Blanca as if to say, "I'll be back. Don't worry." But the next time she is led down the hallway to the vet she won't ever return.
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Can they ride together in the back seat of a Buick (ie. no crates)? I'm by SF and could drive some of the way South, meet someone, make the exchange and bring them back. Right now we are having a bit of a heat wave so I can't leave my own dogs alone in the house for too long but if I could do this in say, 8 hours they'd be ok. Anyone in the LA area that could bring them North a ways? Please PM me asap as I will only be on line until 12:30 PST and would need to know before I leave work.
Camerafodder is driving up to the Bay Area from LA today, but I think she's already on the road.
Thats right, theres that event this weekend at Fort Funston right? Maybe you can try to catch her. I looked everywhere for links to these girls and I just can't find them.
Rosa, good news - Joan just posted that they were adopted yesterday!
Thanks sweetie, I was going to keep my eyes on this all morning to find out if I was needed but good to hear they are safe.
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