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I will be running this Saturday, 5/17 from KY to Basking Ridge, NJ. This is a paid transport to cover gas. Prices are:

40 + lbs. $50
30-40 lbs $40
20-30 lbs $30
Under 20 lbs $20
Litter of pups...depends how big they are, please inquire

The route:

64 through KY
64-79 through WV
68-70 into MD
81-78 through PA
287 into NJ

I will be happy to stop anywhere along these routes to pick up or drop off dogs. I need all KY & WV dogs in my possession on Friday night.

Estimated arrival times on Saturday:

Basking Ridge, NJ 8AM
Allentown, PA 9:30AM
Harrisburgh, PA 11:15AM
Hagerstown, MD 1PM
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Guess it would help if I put my email address on my post. Please contact [email protected] to add dogs to this run.
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