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Training Without Treats?

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i want to teach my dog things like drop it and leave it but he really doesnt care about treats at all, never known a dog like him just isnt bothered by food
his favourite toy is a ball on string, but im not sure how to incorporate that into his training

do i give it to him or throw it for him, how long does he get it for? these sort of things i cant find out about
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He has just turned a year, he has some of the basics but I want to put him to work now properly

When I say he isn't interested in food, if he doesn't want to eat he has sometimes gone for 2 days or so without interest or if I give him something really tasty

He's very healthy and fit and very spoilt, which I'm beginning to think may be part of the problem, the vet said he will be harder to train as he was hand reared from birth as his mother was hit by a car and passed
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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