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Training Without Treats?

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i want to teach my dog things like drop it and leave it but he really doesnt care about treats at all, never known a dog like him just isnt bothered by food
his favourite toy is a ball on string, but im not sure how to incorporate that into his training

do i give it to him or throw it for him, how long does he get it for? these sort of things i cant find out about
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Masi is much more motivated by a toy (frisbee/tuggy) than food. She'd pick the toy over the treat any day, (and believe me I've used some YUMMY stuff, but she just prefers her toys).

I am in agreement to use that ball on a string as a reward,,I'd tease him with it, get him revved up for WANTING THAT BALL,,give him a command as in "sit", he sits,,throw the toy,,that kind of thing..
I use toys alot when working Masi on new things like I said before, she would MUCH rather have a toy reward than food,,here's a couple of things I did, (take em for what they are worth))

I get a nice fast, focused heel, stuffing her frisbee under my armpit, (beware, I've been 'nailed' a few times by an ambitious "gimme that frisbee dog!")

So you could use your 'ball" make sure your dog 'sees' where you have that ball...heel a bit, throw the toy...(hopefully your dog has a good retrieve and drop?)

You might find out having "two" of their favorite toys, works well in getting them to retrieve/drop it..toss the other..

I have also taught her (with the frisbee),,if I am going to thro it, she has to bring it back, circle me, and drop it at my feet...I have worked a really good solid, down /stay, throw her frisbee, and she can't move until I release her:)) drives her nuts but it's teaching her self control I think:)

I'm not sure 'what' you want to teach using a toy as a reward, can you be more specific on things you want to teach??
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ahh Debbie, what I get for not going back and 'reading":)

I agree with Vinnie above^^..Masi doesn't have a food issue, the dog is a hog, when it comes to training, tho she will take a food reward,,she is MUCH more pumped up, enthusiastic over a toy than food...If I put food down and a frisbee down, she will go for the frisbee:))

She is the first dog I've had that has been MUCH more toy motivated than food, so it's been a learning curve for me..

The "drop it",,I use two of the same thing, she drops one, she gets the other,,I then transfer that to 'anything' else she picks up, she drops THAT, and gets what she really wants:).

"Leave it",,since she's not so food motivated,,I use food for the 'leave it',,and I admit I torture her with stuff:)),,,I'll put her in a down stay, and put food starting a foot from her, tell her to leave it, give her her toy reward,,then I transfer that to leaving her toy, or other things.

Granted sometimes these can be a work in progress, and they take some time training, but these dogs are sooooooo smart, it's also teaching them some self control:)
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