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Training Vest with Ball on sleeve..

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I'm looking for a training vest that allows you to attach a ball to the back left sleeve. I could have sworn I came across one but I can't find it. There is another version I saw, but it has a whole ball drop system for all over the jacket. Is there one that has a flap where the ball peeks out on your arm for heeling work?

I really like the French style by Gappay, but they don't seem to have the flap I'm looking for. Am I missing something. I'm in CA, so I need to find one that is pretty versatile and not TOO Heavy or tire black! It heats up fast over here and I won't be able to stay swaddled in a jet black winter jacket during training in June.
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I'd post in the SchH section and ask there. You'll get many more people that use a vest of some kind. Me, I just tuck the ball or tug under my arm.
Thanks! I'll try posting there. I need full range of motion with my arms. Not coordinated enough to tuck with my arm and manage her. I wound up dropping things or throwing off timing. And she is CRAZY for a ball- so I thought I'd capitalize on that.
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