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Hi, my name is Quinley. I am now a six month old german shepherd living in a loving home with my master and his wife.

My master takes me to work each day and I spend several hours crated in the back seat while he does his office work. Some days we are out doing some patrols (he owns a security company) and I get to go along with him visiting various parks along the way.

The problem I am having with him is that I don't think he understands that I am still a puppy.

He is confused as to how to feed me. Bowl or no bowl. He gives me treats for doing some really great things, then I get nothing - so I just ignore him.

We have been to puppy classes and had obedience training where I got lots of treats for doing many of the things I did when I was only 12 weeks old.

Recently my master attended a three day seminar with Doctor Ian Dunbar. I think he is trying to figure out how to read my mind - does he not know I am a german shepherd?

He has had other shepherds in the past and had used a choke collar, but this time, he has come of age and now only uses a nylon collar and no corrections for my misbehaviours.

So, what is the best way for the two of us to communicate? Treat for everything, correct for mistakes and treat for good stuff? And what is all this lure, bribery and reward about?

Hey other shepherds out there. I want to be a good dog, perhaps even do some real professional work in the future, but right now, I just want to have fun. What do you do with your masters.

Oh, what is this Alpha business about? I really don't care who is the boss, so as long as I get to be with my family and get fed.
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