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How often do we ignore (or not recognize) training opportunities in our every day life?

Last night the battery in our kitchen clock died and I had to get out the step ladder to reach it. I can't remember the last time I used the step ladder around the dogs. When I brought it out and opened it (it snaps when you set it up) a couple of my guys retreated. I decided to make it a training opportunity!

I grabbed a handful of cat food (I use it as training treats) and started working everyone on a new command - Step Up (meaning put your front feet on one of the steps on the ladder).

Chinese Cresteds

Spike is VERY food motivated and not surface shy. He got it in a few seconds.

Kaynya always goes to her default behavior when I hold a treat above her head - the Twirl. :) Took her about a minute to understand No Twirl, Step Up.

Fuego is also very food motivated but a little more surface wary. It took him a couple minutes to willingly put his feet on the steps.

Wasabi is my shy girl. She needed turkey heart to coax her to do it - then she was a pro.

Clark is not food motivated, nor toy motivated nor praise motivated (he had a strange upbringing - was a returned puppy). But he does 'group learn' rather well. Once he saw everyone else doing it he got the idea.

Mauser, my GSD, had the most problems. I taught him the command 'Counter' long ago. It means put your front feet up on the counter - fun in pet stores to get treats and practical at the vet if I need him up on the table. He kept trying to get his feet on counter right behind the ladder! When I moved the ladder to the middle of the kitchen, away from the counters - he got it right away.

Another fun night of learning!!
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