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Quote: Yeah. It's a good feeling of safety but sometimes annoying as well.
Not so much. If my dogs all bark all the time, my neighbors ignore it cause can't tell if it's cause the burglar breaking in or the squirrel in the tree.

Quote: Last night I was standing next to him at 11pm(pretty late) and letting him bark so I could find out what hes barking at.
And THAT is also why you are having this problem. My young pups have ZERO common sense of mass murder vs. trash bag blowing for true 'danger' . Will equally bark at both.

And then this is where the LEADERSHIP role comes in to control the barking. It is NOT up to my dog to 'decide' mass murderer vs. trash bag and bark until they are hoarse. While they may be surprised by something new initially, and bark ONCE OR TWICE, if I am there, that's it. Cause the barking should only be to alert me, as the leader, to the fact that something MAY be wrong.

Once I know something is up (and I have to say I normally hear the first and second bark so my dog can now knock it off) then we (or at least me) are going to explore the whatever. If I have to go first with my leashed dog behind me, that's fine. So when I near the scary new large plastic trash bag my dog can see that I am in charge, I am in control, I am dealing with the situation and everything is just fine. I am the Queen of it All and the Leader of the World! Follow me and we will conquer it all in a confident and secure way.

Once my dogs know this, they rarely bark unless something crazy weird shows up. Cause they think I am constantly as alert and aware as they are. And they've seen me deal with so many new situations they are confident that I AM the leader and will deal with it. So they don't have to be afraid and bark the scary new thing AWAY.

I love when I'm out and about and notice something that puts my dog off their stride! It's a challenge for me and at 'training opportunity'. How can I get my dog over it? Slowly? With treats? Confidently? Use distance? Explore by going first? Make happy dog noises so they know it's ok? Go home to come up with a new plan to try the next day?

Barking at everything and not stopping when I say to is NOT normal. It's NOT ok. And it is NOT coming from a confident, secure and guarddog type place. And it's my job to work out the issues with classes, seminars, socialization and leadership skills so I get my dog to be the dog I want it to be.
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