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It takes YEARS to train a protection dog. First you need to find a competent trainer (not easy to do), and second the dog needs to be evaluated for suitability.
A dog that backs away from people hackling and growling is showing fear and does not make a good candidate for this kind of training.

I also second the advice above - your dog needs a lot of socialization, and fun activities and lots of obedience to boost her confidence. If you live in the country, you have to make the extra effort to take her out and about and socialize her, and take her to classes for obedience training.

Some dogs are naturally confident, others are born with more fear and insecurity in them. This is called "nerve". A confident dog that is not afraid of people, new places, loud noises (thunder, gunshots) slippery surfaces, etc, has good nerve, and was born with good nerve. Dogs that show a lack of confidence, submissiveness, fear of new places, peoples, noises, despite having been exposed to these things from a young age, show bad nerve, and it is genetic. That means that it was inherited. Poor nerve will be passed on to the pups also, and no one wants dogs that are scared of everything and everyone, and cannot be taken anywhere.

Oh, and a scared dog is more likely to bite than a confident dog. So please don't breed her. You don't want to be responsible for a future bite incident either from your girl, or from one of the pups you have bred.
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