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Sounds like the pup needs more exercise and some manners. Puppies require a ton of physical stimulation and of course most dogs want scratches when they see another dog getting attention. However, if you treat your GSD when he acts like this you'll be teaching him to continue to bug you for attention. My GSD Zoe used to react in a similar manner minus the hyperness. She would butt my lab out of the way, gnaw on him, jump on him, and whine. So I started telling her no and when she didn't listen she would be removed from the room- it's rude behavior. Now she understands she must take turns though often now that she knows I don't like her possessiveness I can scratch and cuddle both without her hogging all the snuggles. It's perfectly normal for them to try it, but don't encourage it with food. Try taking them both out for a run when you get home to get some of that puppy energy out. Then when it's time for pets and love he'll be calmer to begin with which will help training the behavior you want easier. Every time he tries to gnaw on or budge your lab out of the way say no firmly and continue to pet your lab as usual. If he knows stay you can put him in a stay a few feet away and only pet him when he has calmed down and is displaying acceptable behavior. It took Zoe MONTHS before it sunk in there was really enough of me to go around just be patient:)
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