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I don't think you need to spend much time considering how Zero is reacting to the lab, I think the lab is just a convenient thing for Zero to release his anxiety on (because she's moving, stimulating etc.).

The thing to work on is Zero alone, to get him to calm down and to respect boundaries. I second Zoeys mom's suggestion to try to tire him out. That will drain some of his nervous energy, so that he is more "himself" and who knows, when he is calmer he may very well respect boundaries without any real intervention from you.

Here is a good article on one technique to calm a dog down (you will need to register but it's worth it, and it's free, it's a good site):
Energetic, Anxious, or Reactive Dog? Try the Calm-O-Meter Method | Karen Pryor Clickertraining

I'm not a big fan of correcting a dog or trying to "train" him when he is in a hyper state, since they are basically out of control, and the training is not really the issue - the anxiety is. So clicker training is a great way to keep things positive but move towards calmer behavior. As Zoeys mom suggested, simply removing him from the situation can be a good correction to provide.
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