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I've learned that growling works LOL

Like this evening hubby and i were eating pizza at the coffee table in the LR. Reich can reach anything on there.

She came over and stuck her nose on my plate.

I got eye level with her and growled. She backed off, and every time she tried to appraoch, I'd growl again.

After 2 times, she retired to the other room until we were done eating. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a dog that scavenges and/or begs.
Small pups get the growling...and eventually I'll turn that plain old growl into a rumbly 'no', then tweak it until it's just me saying 'no'.

It works with puppy biting too. If she nips and you yelp or make any high-pitched noise...she realizes that she has the upper hand and nips harder.
But if you squat down and growl...she stops.

Angus, my older dog, used to like the trash. I turned a growl into 'mine', so now when he sniffs at my shoes, the trash can, anything I don't want him having I can say 'mine!' and he knows it's off limits.
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