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I wish I had bought the positive training schtick years and years ago! That's my big regret.

Learning how to build a nice down and a nice recall.
Having a high drive dog hold an off lead stand stay with a bunny in the bushes.
Having the judge at a fun match declare "She adores you!"
Leaving a dog on the parking strip in a stay while I go up to a house - with a cat on the front porch & have the neighbors remark about what a good dog she is (same high drive dog.)
Having a policeman drive past slowly once, approach again (I'm saying Oh S..t! It looks like some dogs got in trouble last night. We were in the motel alone - Where's my alibi?) to ask if he can pet them. (He can, he does "I just love these dogs!)

I'm not about high scores in the official trials. I'm about high scores in stuff like this. It's not in anyone's book but mine.

Regrets? That I didn't have the money when I first moved to Arkansas to travel for training. That I didn't do more when they were younger. That I didn't drive 4 hours for training on a regular basis.
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