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"training" get togethers

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hey everyone! so me and max were on a walk a few weeks ago, and decided to take a different route then usual. we passed a group of 3 GSD's playing in a field. max let out a high pitched squeal of sorts...very feminine
LOL they called us over and invited max to play. they all got along great
and decided to meet once a week (if not more, weather permitting) to do some informal group training and play time. none of us are professional trainers, just enjoy having well behaved obedient dogs. so my question is what is some core obedience training that every dog should know, beyond sit, down, stay, come, leave it, focus, thats what all the dogs have down pat. so what are some new things we can teach them? thanks for all of your help!!! (sorry if this isnt the right spot
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How about teaching some tracking just for fun?? Or some retrieves?

Sounds like a wonderful bunch of people and it is always fun just to get together for socialization for people and dogs. And if all you do is work on basics with distractions eery now and then that is okay too.
tracking sounds like a great idea. maybe for some "hide and seek" with the skin kids. how would we go about introducing our dogs to this? thanks so much
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