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training class with professional trainers?

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hi everyone,

i was browsing thorugh the internet and noticed that there is a place here in Australia (where im from) where you take you're dog and they train him/her for you while you leave you're dog there for 2 weeks.

Now what do you all think of that?
they said over there website that for obediance training you leave you're dog at there place for 2 weeks and it will know all the basic commands.
Whats everyone's theory on that?
Did anyone on this website do it?
If so, did the dog actually learn much from other people training him/her?
If it is trained for obediance by the professional trainer would it still listen to its owner or the professional trainer?

It would be good to hear what everyone thinks of this type of training, because my thinking is it would be better to be trained by its proper owner rather then some one that will be in their life for 2 weeks?

The website sounds good but im not sure of it......

They also do attack dog / guard dog training

thanking you all in advance
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I my humble opinion, the most significant aspect of dog the bond between you and your dog. Training is simply a means to exercise and build on that bond. If you're able to train your dog, I would urge you to attend is a great experience.
Personally I would never ever send my dog away for training, I train my dogs. I love going to school with my dog and learning how to make myself a better trainer. Anyone can give commands. If I had some type of really bad aggression issue, I may concider it if it was one of my last options. I would really have to feel confident the trainer was a positive type trainer.
Yes, thats exacly what i think the bond between you and you're dog while training him/her is much better than getting someone else to train him/her.
You also save a lot of money doing it yourself. The thing that makes me nervous about those boarding camps is what are they doing to your dog. How are they training it. References are important. I've heard stories where dogs were starved to death by trainers who couldn't afford to feed them. Though, those are very rare.

Like everybody said, the bond between owner and dog is the best part. Your dogs wants to obey you and does it because of the bond.
I work at an obedience school that offers "in-house kennel" training (i work there 2 days a week). And the dog learns to respect and work for the trainer. He teaches the dog the "moves" and then you come and get the dog. Upon picking up the dog you go through a class with the trainer and your dog to learn how how to get the dog to work for you. Then a week later you do a follow up visit to do any problem solving and make sure that everything is running smoothly. ( by the way he is an awesome trainer in my opinion )

Personally I agree that you should train yourself weather in group or private class or on your own if you have the knowledge. The bond that you get with your dog through training is irreplaceable. Also I am proud of what Kaid and I have accomplished together. I can not explain the joy I feel and how proud I am when he learns something new and fully understands what I am asking of him. And I know he knows when he makes me proud, it makes him happy.
I've done basic obedience with my dog, but now life has thrown us a fabulous curve and while we're ready for intermediate group classes, I'm afraid I'd miss too many classes. And I want' him to get some training while I'm getting ready for our move. So, I've arranged for my dog to go to a trainer in Alabama for a month. He was very well recommended and I think that it's going to be terrific for him. In fact, when I pick him up in a month, I'll probably drop off another dog.
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