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So I feel like goldilocks right now with training classes.

The first class we signed Gryffin and my daughter up for was a STAR puppy class it was a positive only class, which I don't mind but I felt that they didn't really do much. 90% of the class was just puppies playing together no Trainer labled Griff as shy because he mostly hung out in what little shade there was or pool instead of playing with the other puppies, considering he is mostly black and the class was held outside with no shade during the middle of summer I don't blame him. He did play occasionally with the other GSD in the class, but they liked to lay in the shade together. So we decided not to sign him up for there next level class, because she did mention that in the next class they also have playtime with the other dogs.

So we signed him up with another trainer, going to our 3rd class tonight, this trainer was recommended by a couple of friends, said they were great, and they also train IGP (daughter was interested in doing it) and police dogs. First class was a bit disorganized, because some people hadn't completed all the paperwork prior to class and so many people signed up they decided to split the class, other than the fact they kept pushing their training equipment class wasn't too bad. Second class was way more organized and they got to really start with training, started with the sit, pretty easy you would think, well they want my daughter to push down on Gryff's butt every time she says sit :surprise: First of all he will sit when told, second I thought it was bad to push on their joints especially while they are young? (7 months old)
Next they worked on down, again something he knows, but I will admit he is not 100% on that yet, she does need to work more with that. So they told the class to start walking foreword, place their hands on the dogs back right behind the shoulders push them into the down position and say down! My daughter was horrified that they had her do that, Gryff was very confused and started to show signs of shutting down, of course they said its because he is spoiled at home, that we shouldn't pet him unless he is doing a command. The heel work we did next was fine nothing out of the ordinary for us.

I guess besides getting this off my chest, I am wondering is this normal type training from IGP/police trainers? I don't consider myself positive only but jeesh I thought this was extreme. The next day at home when she tried working with him, he wanted to run and hide from her so I told her to do positive only for now. Which is helping but he is still nervous and starts to lay down with any command she gives him. I feel so bad for them I am going to see what class is like tonight but I am afraid we may have to quit for the dogs piece of mind :frown2:
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