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We are searching for trainer recommendations for our nearly 8-month-old male GSD.

We live in the far western Twin Cities Metro and about one hour from Minneapolis proper. We hope for something relatively close by. We have not found many private trainers willing to drive out to our area (Watertown, MN)

Our GSD completed basic obedience classes last month.

We hope to work with a trainer that has an understanding and appreciation for GSD's. Our previous classroom trainer was clearly uncomfortable around the breed and made several derogatory comments about "high-bite GSD's". She cautioned other attendees in their interactions and advised them to "watch their dogs" around our dog. She said a few times that he was "not as bad as other GSD's" she had worked with.

During the first few weeks of class, he would lay at our feet and rest his head on the floor while she was instructing. A contrast to the way she was describing the breed. The trainer frequently isolated him during training to keep his distance from others even though he was never aggressive and did not display aggressive body language. His behavior started to deteriorate in classes, I think because he was frustrated and confused. He wanted to play with other dogs and greet people but was restricted from interactions.

We have had many GSD's and this was one of the worst training experiences we have ever had. It seemed like she was creating problems that were not there. Our puppy is friendly, not shy, very high energy, smart, and very willing to meet people. He has never indicated any level of aggression toward dogs or people. He has the typical breed reserve when meeting new people but warms up quickly.

He is far from perfect yet, :) but not a "problem dog" that should be isolated in any way.

Can anyone recommend a breed knowledgeable trainer or class nearby? We need to get it right this time. Thank you!
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