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Opinions on a trainer?

As far as professional trainers go, I’m not sure what to look for. Blitz has great basic obedience but I’m having trouble getting recall down perfect around distractions, he also has become dog reactive after getting attacked by another dog (whilst we were recall training ironically).

Here is one of very few trainers that are located near me (Flagstaff Arizona). Grumpy Puppy Training (Dog Whispering)
There are a few things I like and things I don’t. I like that the group classes are offered free of charge and that he seems to focus on off-leash obedience. I don’t like, however, the claims of “quick” results, and how a lot of the dogs in the pictures and videos have shock collars. While I’m not necessarily against shock collars, I’m not too sure it’d be right for my dog.

There’s also this D.O.G. TRAINING | (Dog Obedience is Good)
But doesn’t seem to do much off-leash training. I do a lot of hiking and would love to do off-leash hiking, but with the dog reactivity it's just not an option right now.

Neither websites seem to go too in depth with their actual training methods. I'd like to stick to positive methods (I'm currently using a clicker), but am open to investigate other methods.
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