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Different trainers have different backgrounds, experiences and methods of training. Mix that with our background, experience and method of training and there can be some issues/problems/confusion. I've learned with all the instructors I've taken, but that doesn't mean I will go back to train with all of them!

Where do you live in NJ!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the K9 Campus in Randolph, NJ. They have a bunch of instructors too, so if one isn't a good fit, you can go to another for the next set of sessions. I personally wouldn't have minded the mix of private and group classes, but that's nuts that they said you just 'failed' (nice you got all the $$$ back).

As an interesting aside, and NO reflection on your husband's ability to train dogs (heck, I don't know him), it somehow seems the vast majority of people who attend dog classes and KEEP attending are, well (maybe don't tell your beloved husband)......... female!!! So, though I don't know what that means or why (no actual scientific studies have been located by me on this fact) you may want to take the dog to the next set of sessions and see how it goes.

And I have to add 3 out of 3 of my pups have had 'accidents' when I've been training. For me, it's no big deal and I just try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

How's the general socialization going? This should take care of most of the stress and nervousness in general so you can just focus on the fun of training. You been able to take the pup out almost every day on car rides? Your pup met all your friends/neighbors and been to their house? Met new dogs, cats, horses, pigs, llamas, etc by now? Just standing in front of Walmart with a ziplock of tiny hotdogs and a request of 'Will you pet my puppy?' does wonders for my girls!
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