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I am so excited because I've seen an amazing potential in my highly neurotic WGSD, Scout. I have always suspected that his "problem" was sensory overload -- that he just takes in way too much information and is super-sensitive. Ironically, we would joke that he says, "I see dead people," as I knew this dog was hearing and smelling things that not even our other dogs were on to.
This is grisly and creepy, but my husband was running with Scout the other morning, and when they neared (by the distance of at least two city blocks...although this was in a more rural area) the place where a murder took place last December, Scout began bucking like a wild horse. My husband got really creeped out by this. We walked Scout up there early yesterday evening, and gave him a lot of leash. That dog BOLTED...I mean BOLTED (well, as much as he could bolt on a long lead) to the direct, <u>exact</u> location of where this woman's body was found (and where, it was reported, she was murdered). I have never seen anything like it.
Scout is good and fine out in public on a leash. It's when he's loose and at home that he's crazier than ever. I'm thinking maybe he now has a JOB...
So...after all of this, where do I go to train a 6 year old dog in tracking?
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