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Toy warning

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I didn't see a designated forum for this subject (though maybe a sticky thread would be a good idea). Sorry if it should be posted elsewhere...

Yesterday at PetSmart I saw a toy that I figured would be great for my 7 month old, a long hard rubber tube for chewing. It appeared to be made of tire material, but after letting him play with it for only a few minutes, he already had torn chunks out of it and the rubber was spitting. It is called "Hyper Stick".

These small pieces of hard rubber would be swallowed and cannot be good. Also, the product has a very strong chemical smell. Upon better inspection, it is made of hard rubber that does not "give" the way a tire material would and is too brittle.

I will limit its use to interactive play only and will throw it away (like I did the $10 I spent on it) when it becomes too unsafe.
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I think the most important thing about your posting is the good thing you did. Monitor your puppy with a new toy.

I've found that many dog toys are easily destroyed if my pup is intent to do so. (any stuffed toy with a squeaky is doomed.....).
I would try taking it back because it's not safe. All they can do is say no.
Not too long ago my vet had to do emergency surgery on a dog that ATE part of his Kong!
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