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Towson,MD-1yM -No time :(

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Free German Shepperd (Towson)

Date: 2010-09-14, 12:45PM EDT
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We have a loving house trained german shepherd named Kevin about one year old. He is lovable great around people and listens very well. We love him a lot but can not keep him now that school has started due to our demands from school work and our other dog. He is an amazing pet loves kids and other dogs. We are at a horrible cross road since upon calling the pound they said due to over crowding he would be put down immediately. If you are looking for a great pet and to save a life please call 4437897622!

Many thanks,

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Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue??

Anyone else in the area?

I know that we all cringe at the reasoning behind this 'rehoming' but please don't call to tell them off so that they wont' be open to rescue.
When was this posted on Craigslist? I can't find it. I live in Towson, Baltimore County. I do not know what shelter this guy called, but it could not have been the Baltimore County Humane Society. Baltimore County Animal Control will put owner surrenders down the same day. All stray dogs in Baltimore County must be turned into Animal Control. Owner surrenders can be taken to the Humane Society. The Baltimore County Humane society has not put an adoptable, healthy dog down in two years.
If he needed a foster I'm in the area until a rescue can nab him. He'd have to meet my dogs and kids first, but if it went well he'd be more than welcome here:)
What is wrong with people. All of a sudden no time but yet we will keep our other dog and put this one down???? I am sorry but this ticks me off big time!!! I hope someone can get to this poor boy.
Shepherds to Love did reach out and leave a response.
I called and got one sentence "you have to call back, we are going to the Orioles game" before they hung up. Heaven forbid that the dog takes away time from the family entertainment.
I called and got one sentence "you have to call back, we are going to the Orioles game" before they hung up. Heaven forbid that the dog takes away time from the family entertainment.
What jerks, I hope their kids dump them in a nursing home because they don't have time! :mad:
I told Myamom Kevin is welcome here until a permanent home can be found as long as Kevin is as good with dogs and kids as they say. Zoe would love a young playmate as our lab is getting older and lazy he can't keep up with her for long anymore. We have another x-tra large crate since Zoe is free to roam at night and hasn't used her night crate since she was 5 months. I hope they don't take him to a shelter- our home is full of yummy food, treats, constant playmates, and a warm bed. He's so young I'm sure he can find a forever home:)
You gotta love a person who can't even put in the minimal amount of effort to rehome his dog. There is more than one shelter in this area. He called one? The pound? I wonder which one the "pound" is. Probably AC - if he called anyone at all. Aside from the Humane Society, which would not euth. his dog, he could have taken him to the SPCA. Of course the SPCA charges a surrender fee now. I think the cost is about $25.00. Perhaps that was too much to pay to try to save his dog's life. God forbid he should foster his own dog to give him time to be adopted. He could have posted his dog on any number of shelter or rescue sites. A quick check showed his dog was not listed on MAGSR, VGSR,or the SPCA sites. It's a darned shame when an individual can't take a few seconds to speak to someone who calls to offer help to his dog - someone who obviously cares more about the dog than he does.

Thank you Rebel and Zoeys mom for trying to help Kevin. This boy sure deserves a better home.
I couldn't believe he couldn't even talk because he had to go to an O's game? Wow I hope he never has kids of his own...pretty selfish. I secretly wonder if Kevin has some issues he's not divulging. Why keep the older dog, but not the pup? Pup's are pains in the tushes, require more exercise, chew, and need to be trained which is time consuming but....wouldn't he have known this before getting the dog?

DH says Kevin can come hang out here too until he finds a normal home with people willing to invest time in him. I hope he's as good as he sounds so he can find a loving forever home soon and be rid of his owners who don't have time for him:(
I called and got one sentence "you have to call back, we are going to the Orioles game" before they hung up. Heaven forbid that the dog takes away time from the family entertainment.
Has anyone been able to reach these people? I tried over the weekend and nobody is answering the phone. If they are never at home, the poor dog really needs a new home. I wish we knew whether he has been placed already. Can somebody else try too? I won't be able to call from work tomorrow.
It's 5:30 Sunday. I just tried to call. Went to voice mail and the box was full. Couldn't even leave a message. I can try again tomorrow. If I am able to reach someone, I will ask if the dog has been placed. If not, I will let them know that a GSD rescue has been trying to contact them to help. Is there any other information I should convey?

Good grief...he really does need new people!
I have the sense that the poor dog has to be out of there ASAP. If he is a GSD and a nice dog as they say, you can even pick him up and get him to Academy AH, if you are able to. They are so hard to reach that I am really worried about the dog. i won't be able to get out of work during the day.
OK. I will let you know what I find out. If I can get my hands on him, I will take him to Academy.
Great, thanks. If the poor dog is alone all this time, he needs out. I will call AC and alert them.
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