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So I am switching from Puppy Chow to something healthier and have been doing research on good quality kibble available to me locally. I have found that the local feed store carries Merrick and Taste of the Wild. After comparing the two it seems TOTW is better. Does anyone else here feed TOTW and if so what do you think? Just a little feedback on the two is much appreciated.

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I'm currently feeding my GSD and husky TOTW Pacific Stream. I would prefer to feed them Orijen 6 Fish, but the GSD is allergic to kelp. Neither are available locally and require a 30 minute ride.
I've been feeding TOTW for several months now. I started out with the Pacific Stream and recently switched to the High Prairie. They are doing wonderfully on both. I think their coats are a little nicer on the High Prairie, but I love this food and have gotten half the people at my schutzhund club to feed it!
How old is your puppy/dog?
Originally Posted By: BlackGSDHow old is your puppy/dog?
You beat me to it

Most grain free foods (TOTW) are not recommended for puppies.
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Originally Posted By: Barb E.You beat me to it
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The pacific stream formula is 26% protein so doable for a pup. The other TOTW formula's are too high.
Originally Posted By: Angela_WThe pacific stream formula is 26% protein so doable for a pup. The other TOTW formula's are too high.
But how much Calcium and phosphorus(sp) do they have? That is the "issue" a lot of folks (and at least 1 of the grain free kibble makers) have against grain free foods for puppies. Most have too much.
I did do a lot of researching the two online and I am going to do the merrick until he gets older. The others are better but offer too much protein for a puppy. Thanks for the input. I am also going to be doing raw on occasion. I am sure I will eventually be strictly raw but...I am not quite ready yet.
BlackGSD, I'd have to look next bag (out at the moment).

I do know I had Gator and Grace raised on it. When I sold Gator at 10 months old, his hips the vet thought would go excellent which is a first for me. Normally good around here. Hoping Grace shows the same when I xray her. I do know she looks tighter in the rear than Jade who came back good and I didn't have her on it since she was a pup. Will let you know.
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