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My sweet social happy GSD puppy has turned into an anxiety ridden aggressive girl almost overnight.

A little background... this is my first GSD however I am no stranger to large breed dogs or dogs in general. I got her online through a woman who had two GSD's who were not fixed and ended up doing what do was expected and she ended up with a litter of puppies so she was giving them away. I realize I made a few mistakes here.
1. Getting a strong breed online and not from legitimate breeder.
2. Also not visiting the home of the woman and meeting the mother and father dogs.

So I am not here to be prosecuted- I am looking for help/guidance from fellow GSD lovers who have more experience and knowledge regarding these issues I am experiencing.

She just turned 1 in May, she has not yet been spayed by recommendation of our primary veterinarian, she has been to puppy training, I exercise her morning, lunch and night, and she has been socialized via friend's dogs, doggy daycare, and our other two small dogs at home. However, about two weeks ago she started demonstrating resource guarding and aggression towards our two dogs at home and other dogs while out and about.

First sign was at a restaurant we frequent when a dog who was off leashed walked by and she barked and whined extremely loud. She continued to show signs of anxiety on our way back home.

Second she started guarding my room from the other dogs. If they came near my door or moseyed into my room she would charge with loud barks and run them out. It was followed by lunging and growling when the dogs would jump on the couch next to me and again in the back yard when I was exercising and one of the dogs got too close.

On top of that she has severe separation anxiety- she whines howls and thrashes if I give the leash to anyone else or walk out of the room. She is my shadow.

This all happened in a span of two weeks. Before this she was extremely friendly and did not display so much anxiety.

I hired a postive reinforcement trainer to get us on track to healthier behavior. I also try to keep a calm disposition and stay patient with her training but she has declined so quickly I am worried this is more than learned behavior.

Have any of you experience this switch in personality and behavior? And so quickly at that?

Could this be a result of not being spayed at an earlier age?

Any advice on training/ techniques you have found helpful?

Any suggestions are welcomed I just want my girl to be happy and healthy and not become more of a danger to others and herself.

Thank you for reading!

- Concerned GSD Mama
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