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Tori is signed up for a show in May

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Tori is my Wacko pup that my brother gave me back and is now a bit fearful and really only good with me. Still, I want to continue to work with her but she has this minor problem: I sign her up for a class and she goes into heat. Twice now she has been through her cycle and started class and started spewing blood on the first day. Out to the car she goes and I bring in Heidi or Whitney so I do not lose the money, but it is getting old.

It was 24 days into her cycle when I started her in class and out spouts the blood. It is a full heat too -- seven days later she is flagging for my boys. So I will miss this week's class and next week's, and take her to the show with only one or two class sessions before hand.

Has anyone ever had stress cause their bitch to cycle funny?
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hey a big congrats to both of you!!! Been there done that in the pouring rain! Good luck next week with Rushie
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