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I'm in the same boat as you.... Even though the parents have hips/elbows certified, there is no 100% guarantee that your puppy won't eventually develop HD or something else. But then again, with insurance running $30-50+/month depending on where you live.... Is it really worth that?

On one hand, you may never use it for anything other than a few knick knack things, and you may not get out what you are putting in... On the other hand your dog may eat something and require an expensive surgery etc etc, and it may end up covering you for thousands in surgical costs or medications....

I'd say the latter is rather low risk, but it is all going to come down to you and your situation. How much will the $30-50/month set you back financially? Is the cost/benefit for peace of mind worth it to you and does that fit into your budget?

I think for me personally, i'm going to get insurance for my puppy for the first year. When it's young, I think the risk for eating something or getting hurt is going to be higher during that period.. After that, i don't know if I'll continue. All said and done though, it'll be up to you whether or not the insurance is worth the money....

FWIW i think Pet Insurance by Trupanion - Dog and Cat Pet Health Insurance has the best cost/coverage that i've found. That's who i'm going to go with.
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