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To Barkley - and his owner

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According to the tags on his collar, his name was Barkley. He was a beautiful male GSD in the prime of his life. His coat looked good, his body weight was good, his nails were trimmed, it looked like someone had taken good care of him.

As I pulled his stiffened body out of the breakdown lane on busy Route 7, and pulled him onto a blanket in the median strip, I shed tears for him and his owner. I dialed the phone number with a heavy heart, dreading the thought of breaking the news to his owner. As soon as I heard her answer the phone, it was apparent that she already knew. She was so distraught that she could barely speak. Someone else had already called and she was waiting on her sister to arrive to help her life his body. He was a big boy, and she was a small, older lady. I told her to come now and I would help her however I could.

Hundreds of people drove by, and I guess most of them thought that I had just hit him. I only knew that his body was there because a co-worker told me that he saw him on his way to work that morning. Thankfully I have an understanding boss that will let me leave on a moment's notice for a dog emergency. One young woman pulled over and asked if I needed help, as did one older lady. A car pulled up and pulled over in the median and I thought it must be his owner. Turns out it was a nurse, who happened to own a GSD, and she wanted to help. She had even managed to get two veterinarians to follow her to where I was waiting with his body, just in case he was still alive.

So, until the owner arrived, there was a little group of folks all gathered around Barkley, and we were all waiting to comfort her. She dropped to her knees and was hugging him and sobbing. There was not a dry eye to be found. He had only been outside a couple of minutes and he had gotten out of a bad spot in the fence at her sister's house. He had traveled a couple of miles before he met his fate on Route 7.

There we stood, five complete strangers, all united in our grief over the senseless death of this beautiful animal. The vets had a stretcher, so we all picked up the blanket, put him on the stretcher and loaded him into the woman's car.

What a horrible, horrible way to start a morning. God speed to the Bridge Barkley. I know you will be missed.
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What a sad story...

But, sometimes, you've got to be proud of people.
I am so glad you were there to help. A lot of people wouldn't have bothered to do a thing. It's wonderful that that many people offered to help. He obviously had a wonderful life. Thank you for caring.
so sad...thanks for helping out
Such a tragedy- bless you for being there and for the others to share your grief
:halogsd:How tragic. Bless you Barkley for being such a friend to your person and may you rest peacefully until you can be reunited with her.
Bless you and the others for your kindness, I'm sure it made a difference for the owner in such a tragic time.

I can hardly type. I am a small, older woman with a "big boy" and I can only guess what loss Barkley's owner feels.

Today, you could not rescue Barkley, but you did take a humane step for both Barkley and his owner.

Bless you and the people that stopped to help. It's people like you that make the world a better place.

Rest in peace Barkley. It's obvious you will be missed very much.

Today, you could not rescue Barkley, but you did take a humane step for both Barkley and his owner.

I agree. A kind deed that won't be forgotten.
Wow thank you for helping that women with her dog. There are good people out in this world. You have me crying hear at work for poor Barkley.
well time to redo the makeup. :halogsd::rip:Barkley.
what a sad story :(, just read a similar one too. makes me think twice about ever trusting jager off leash.
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