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Time out in the crate

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So Wolfgang was on a complete tear before - running around, digging at the carpet - he totally needed a time out. I dont want him to think of the crate as punishment but he really needed the time out.

I put him in his crate with a kong and told him he was getting a time out in a happy voice - Is this OK? I took him out after 10 minutes. He was still on a tear but to a lesser degree... He's now passed out on the futon with his big sister!
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Sounds like you gave him a time-out not for punishment, but just to cap his zoomies! So long as you don't treat it as a punishment, he's fine. Just like with kids- sometimes they get really over the top and you have to just set them on the couch, then they're still bouncy but the edge has definitely been taken down. I think you're okay.
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Clare, I used to do it all the time. Hasn't made them not like their crates or want to go in at night at all. Even now I'll do it once in awhile if they get too rowdy and won't settle down when I tell them to. I just say "time out!" and they run to their crates, and I close the door. Sometimes all I have to do is ask them "do you want a time out?" and they stop what they're doing immediately.
I'm with everyone else....I would have to put my girl in "time out" from time to time because she would just get too wound up. But it was just a chill period....not punishment....she loves her crate, when I tell her its bed time she races to her crate....and she is left out at night and does not even need to stay in there anymore, it is her favorite quiet place...
Yup, I think we've all done it. The biggest thing is NOT to make it a punishment, to make your voice/body language happy or neutral.
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