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TimberWolf Recall

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I know that alot of people switch, but there are still a few on the board feeing TimberWolf Dakota Bison and Ocean Blue. Check the best by date on the bag.

Tiberwolf Organics - Recall
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Thanks yes we feed Timberwolf but Wilderness - Good that it is not this one.
UHH-OH, Thankfully I feed kibble only once a week and changed to TOTW when TWO did their price gouge.
Wow I am so glad I switched. Once they started lying about their ingredients, I knew them were going downhill
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Interesting. I fed Ocean Blue for a very short period of time & Zack itched like crazy on it. I thought it was the fish. Ended up tossing the whole bag. Sigh...
Ok we made the decision we are taking Jesse off Timberwolf and he is going onto Orijen.
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