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Tied for Last Place (Rally)

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But there was a good reason - sort of.

It was Ciana's very first time in the ring, but 2 weeks ago she was in terrible pain and could barely walk on her front left leg. She's scheduled for x-rays tomorrow to look for a bone fragment, but she's walking without a limp this week.

So, for the last 2 weeks we only practiced 2 days. I knew she couldn't do the Finish Right, but that's the only thing she couldn't do. Still, that's only 10 points, no biggie. Right?

Well, as soon as the judge said, "Proceed", I said "Heel", and Ciana did a wide circle around me. <span style="color: #990000">ding ding -5 points</span>.

First station was Call to Front - Finish Left. Piece of cake? NOT! Her brain was still not in attention mode. <span style="color: #990000">ding ding -10 points</span>.

Something kicked in and everything else followed flawlessly until we got to the Call to Front - Finish Right. <span style="color: #990000">ding ding -10 points</span>.

We have 4 weeks to practice for next time. You can bet she's going to know those Front-finishes!

Good girl Ciana got steak anyway.
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Originally Posted By: BlackPuppy

Good girl Ciana got steak anyway.
And thats exactly as it should be..
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It is fun anyway. Tori NQ'd Saturday and Qualified Sunday. We were not in last place, but one one or two from the bottom. That's Ok, Tori is a nut and it is her second leg, and I am exstatic about it. She lost all her points pulling. I'll take it. Blue is awesome, Red, Yellow and White are good, But Green is Great. All you need is the green to get the title. I would have been happy with a green on Saturday.
A Q is a Q!!! Congrats on the qualifying leg!
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