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Ticksey Thunder

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So Thunder, 10 week old sable, is trying my patience. He clearly understands come, down, sit, but will often refuse to do them. I saw a comment earlier that he misunderstands, but I don't think this is the case, since he will do these commands flawlessly when offered a treat, or if I shake the treat container. I am not sure how to get these to be more consistent or if I am simply expecting too much from a 10 week old puppy. It does seem like a rebellion and I am worried if I don't nip it in the bud it might grow to a bigger problem?

Struggling with stay as well!
Seems like if I get a certain distance from him, he wants to be close to daddy, and no matter what I've tried, once I cross that point, he comes a running
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I amnot 100% sure but IMO 10 weeks is to young to expect everything to be perfect. They are still babies, and get distracted very easliy.
A 10 week understands the commands sit, come and down but these should be only for about 10 minutes a day a few times a day. Over doing commands becomes boring for a pup who wants to explore and learn other things, like what a butterfly is, or to stop and smell some flowers, just be a pup and explore their surroundings. They stay command at 10 weeks old shouldn't be more than a step or two away from the pup and only held for a few seconds.

This is a pup not a full grown adult, where is the fun and play time. The reason your pup isn't listening to you is because those commands are boring. Where is the fun, where is the play, where is letting the pup just be a pup.
wisc: we spend about 3 hours a day plus playing with him and trying new things etc, I guess I'll just wait and see if time fixes it. I guess because I have heard that these dogs are so smart, I am watching for signs of problems that might arise in the future is all.
I would definitely just give it time and don't expect too much. At 10 weeks old, that is a LOT of information for a puppy to process.
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