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Ticks? Frontline?

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First i got him weighed and i feel like 15lbs for a 10wk old pup is a little underweight recently we were switching him food so maybe that could be it?

Took him to petsmart to get cleaned the other day and they say they found a tick on him but it hadnt put its head in yet so that was a good thing but is there any e z way to check for ticks or do i just have to hold him down and check i cant do that for very long cuz he starts going crazy and trying to get away.

Lastly (sorry so many questions) is it ok to use frontline on a 10wk old? The vet told me its fine and that it will kill the ticks so would i still have to check for them? Thanks in advance guys!!
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I personally wouldn't use it on a 10 week old pup. You might should call the vet and ask them, or I'm sure someone here will have some insight for you!
I have heard Frontline is safe for puppies 8 weeks onward and they also have that on the boxes. It is suppose to kill ticks in 24 to 48 hours.
We have been using frontline on Rocky and Apollo since they were both 8 weeks old. We normally just use it in the summer and have never had a tick problem or any problem because of their age.
thought you had to wait until they were a certain weight??
personally I like advantix it works great
Our vet gave us a schedule to know how much to use based on the weight of both of the boys. They also gave us a syringe for measuring it.

Apollos first one was a free sample of Advantix in puppy size.
well i was on the other day and in most of the reviews for frontline plus it said that their dogs were developing tumors on the sides of their bellies and stuff. should i be worried about that? what other brand would u reccommend other than frontline plus if there is a chance of getting tumors on their stomachs? it has me kinda of worried if i were to give it to him what other complications might arise.
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