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Tick/Flea Care

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Does anyone have recommendations for a good tick/flea product? My dog is 7 months old. He is an indoor dog, but is walked outside in a large field bordered by woods twice a day. As soon as it gets a little warm out, I have found ticks on him, and on me to. I can't even imagine what spring and summer will be like! I have tried Nature's Guardian all natural spray but it stinks and I'm not sure how effective it will be.
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I have found over the years that Bio Spot is the best when it comes to ticks and the vet I spoke with last week confirmed it.
During the hot summer months I use Bio Spot and during the winter I use Frontline (which is supposed to be better for fleas). Again the vet confirmed this and also said I was doing good by switching them because that way the won't get immuned to one or the other as apparently some dogs do and it stops working for them.
We have ticks here too, but I have never found one on Ava, I use K-9 Advantix.
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