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Thunders Massive Appetite

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Hi, Thunder who is 10 weeks and whom we have been feeding 5/6ths of 1 cup of biscuits 4 times a day, still seems ravenously hungry. I feel we are overfeeding him, and he has definitely been wormed, but he seems so hungry. I read that another way to feed them is give them as much food as they want for 20 minutes 3 times a day?
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Are you not feeding him puppy kibble?? If you are actually feeding him only biscuits, those probably do not have the nutrients and fat that he needs for good growth. When I was bringing Maxie up, she was the same at this age, and I let her eat alot, and she was 3 before she really filled out. Good luck!
yah puppy nutrience its called. The breeder was giving him chicken necks (I presume raw) so I bought some of those and they were gone within seconds. Also last night I threw a raw egg into his kibble (I assume this is the name for dry biscuits) and I might throw in some yogurt at some point in a few days.
Being "hungry" isn't something to use as a way to tell if he is getting enough or not.

How is his weight?

Dogs/puppies are just like people, some don't eat much, and some will eat themselves into obesity(sp) if you let them.
Hmm I found which basically gave the food we are feeding him a 2 star from a possible 6, and purina which my sister is a fan of, 1 star. The problem is, that the 6 star stuff isn't puppy suitable, and the stuff that is, I can't find available in NZ.
Currently Apollo is on 1 cup three times a day. He is averaging a weight gain of 2 lbs per week and the vet said that is good. He also acts like he is starving all the time, but we have already wormed him and had him rechecked. I think he just has a healthy appetite.
My pups, and now adult GSD's have also been on at least 4-5 cups of a high end kibble per day, plus some raw meats and poultry.

The key though, as another reply mentioned is the dog's weight.

You did not mention whether Thnder is a GSD or not, nor his weight at 10 months, so it is difficult to speculate.

Thunder is a GSD and he is 10 WEEKS old.
A quick response --- if Thunder is in great shape, looks good and not over weight, regadless of how much he eats that is just fine.

As an aside, I almost named my GSD Thunder, love the name.
all of the 6 star foods on are grain free and also too high in calcium for a gsd puppy, with the possible exception of orijen puppy large. that site staes the high protein is the reason not to feed to a large breed puppy. there is no legitiimate research to support that, but there have been findings showing the calcium levels are an issue. so, the grain free foods, imo, are not suitable for a puppy. (but not for the reason they are giving)

that site needs some more up to date thinking behind some of their analysis. nevertheless, if you are looking for a change, many of the foods listed under the 4-5 star category are highly regarded by many members on this forum.

btw, it seems on another board somewhere that i saw people from New Zealand were feeding canidae (but im not 100% sure im remembering that correctly), which many like.
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