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Thunder dangles his bits everywhere

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Hi There!

Thunder our 14 week Sable has recently taken to having his penis out almost all the time, which is a little embarrasing for us when we are taking him for a walk in public (mommy what is the pink thing hanging out of that dog?). Is this normal or do I need to do something (IE is he uncomfortable). Also its kinda gross when he are lifting him into the car or rolling around with him on the floor.

He does sometimes have it inside, it just seems quite frequently the turtle makes a visit.
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That's too funny! My Falken, a 13 week old sable, is also very "happy"

At least 3-4 times a day, either "humping" the pillow of his bed, or just playing, he gets especially excited and is in full "bloom"

He doesn't seem uncomfortable, so I say "boys will be boys"
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An exposed penis can become dry and irritated. Generally, what the vet explained to me is going on is that the dog's penis is a bit too large for the sheath opening. I was given a couple of options - an operation which would nick the opening a little to enlarge it or using some "KY" jelly and popping it back in. I went with the KY jelly.

BTW this is not necessarily linked to sexual arrousal.
Ok sorry maybe I shouldn't have made fun of the problem. I was thinking more along the lines of it popping out frequently during the day, not always being out. I could see where that could cause problems.
If the sheath grows longer/larger the "problem" will "go away." And why not? The dogs weren't offended were they? Mine are very much "what do you know anyway?"
He doesn't hump anything or show signs of inappropriate behaviour as a result.
dogs that are hot may do this too.
Could have an infection
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