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Hi, Jenniferky -

Unfortunately, speaking quietly and rubbing her chest are calming/reassuring gestures. You could be convincing her there is a threat from that loud noise, so she has to keep it up with each boom.

Instead, try this: after the first boom and bark call Emma to you and have her sit. Reward her for the sit and continue to do some obedience work or ball chasing or other fun game.

Keep you voice upbeat or at least normal (not calm and reassuring) and act very matter of fact. If she continues to bark at booms during these sessions, ignore it. Instead, give her another command or toss a toy, etc.

Distract her from the booms. After a few sessions this should get better.

Get your other dog involved, too. Emma should soon learn that thunder is just another part of life and she won't feel she has to warn you about every boom.

Good luck!
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