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Throwing Up

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Abby seems to be feeling ill today. She has diarrhea and she's vomited twice, once around 2:30 and once around 3:30. Both times, the vomit was pretty liquid and foul smelling. (Like half-digested kibble smell.)

Aside from the obvious vomiting and soft stools, she seems to be doing alright. She has no tenderness or obvious pay around her stomach area, stands and walks normally, drinks normally, and was more than happy to go outside for a brief walk and some sit / down commands. Ears are up, tail is wagging. But the dogger seems to be feeling sick.

I'm not sure what might have caused this, but I suspect the canned tripe she had with her kibble yesterday. The last time she had tripe, she had soft stools. This time, she has vomiting and soft stools, but she had the tripe yesterday. Not sure whether it would take overnight to show any symptoms of an upset digestive system?

Besides the tripe, I have no ideas what could cause her tummy upset. She is never unsupervised - she's either in the room with us or in her crate - and we don't have anything around the house or yard that could be poisonous.

She's UTD on shots, heartworm prevention, and flea / tick prevention.

She's getting water with electrolytes (K9 Bluelite) to prevent dehydration and is going to have a meal of rice and chicken broth tonight. Any suggestions what else I can do / what to look out for?
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Sorry Abby isn't feeling well. I would fast her for 24 hours. You can give her broth but nothing solid. Maybe that's what you meant but just in case you didn't you don't want to further inflame her gut.

Do you have any slippery elm? That is very soothing and can help stop things at both ends. My absolute favorite product that works EVERY TIME for something like this is Diarrhea Relief by Homeopet. It is a homeopathic remedy and has no side effects. It works very quickly. I am never without a bottle.

It could be the tripe or she could have picked up a little bug somewhere.
Before I fast I make sure they want to eat. Nice huh? I offer something very good and if they take it, I fast them 24 hours. If they don't, they go to the vet. I also let everything that needs to come out, out.

I hope she's feeling better soon, pretty girly that she is!
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Jean you meanie....

Chris, is there any elevated Temp.?

There are few nasty bugs that are spread Airborne. One year all the Dairy Herds around here had a Virus that was spread by Air. Guess what all my dogs got it also.
Everything seems to be back to normal today.

She did not have a temperature yesterday, and no pain / tightness anywhere, so I decided to just give her some time, let everything come out, and stay up on fluids and electrolytes.

She had kibble with a bit of pumpkin this morning and had good appetite and it's staying down (and in).
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Glad to hear that food and water are now staying in Abby. It is difficult sometimes to know do you just home treat or is a Vet Visit in order.
I usually opt for the vet if there's a temperature / pain / discomfort / something other going on than just upset poop or throwing up. Although I have to admit, this was the first time she's really barfed and I was considering the vet, but once I took her temperature and realized she was drinking fine, I decided to observe.
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