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I have 3 also, 2 males and a female, it depends on your dogs, as its been said, you have to watch them, my two males spar with each other, but it has never turned vicious, the 1 yr old always backs down and becomes submissive, I understand this may change as he gets older, I'll just have to watch it, the female gets along fine with both, the young one even bosses her around a little, then, the older male comes in a "saves" her, its really funny to watch, BTW both males are not neutered, no problems with marking etc. I cannot walk all 3 by myself, they are very good on the leash, but, you never know... I do have an acre of fenced in land, so they get plenty of exercise, plus lots of wide open spaces where I can walk them without a leash. IMO 3 is not that much work than 2. Good luck
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