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I have 3 dogs right now, 2 are Shilohs Shepherds, my male is 8 my female is 6 & 1 WGSD female who is almost 9 months old. I work full time so that puts a damper on a lot.
My older 2 have no issues together and were best buddies from day 1. When we were offered the puppy (for free) we thought about it for well over a month before we finally said yes. My husband kept saying "what ever you want to do is fine" I wouldn't accept that because he is the one who comes home first and would have to clean up after puppy.
I figured I would have a problem with my older female, turns out my male was the one who was the problem and really wants no part of the pup. The females play together but my male still doesn't love the baby.
My husband doesn't do anything with the dogs except give them some love. I do everything else. I walk all 3 together, very early in the morning to avoid having to deal with any issues. Then the baby goes to school, she gets extra walks/exercise because she's young. I don't always feel guilty leaving the 2 older ones home because they don't need to burn off any excess energy, so the group walk is great for them. I do however find myself in situations that I wouldn't want to handle all 3 together in a very public scenario. Like when I take the pup to a fair or something, no way am I walking all 3 thru a crowd of people & dogs by myself. Individually is not a problem, put them all together thats almost 300lbs of dog.
I had harmony in my home without the puppy, I don't regret getting her but it sure is a lot of extra work. When ever we go out she has to be confined, the older ones are trusted in the house. She's a great pup compared to some stories I have read. I think having the older dogs definately had a good impact on bite inhabition and her learning. Then of course theres the expense factor everything x3. My older female has seizures so I always have testing & meds. I can only hope this girl has no health issues.
I keep saying the next one is deffinately going to be an older rescue and less demanding of me. A nice older dog that just wants a good home and lots of love.
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