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I know many on this board have/had multiple dogs . At one point I had 4 gsd's all living in the house (I wouldn't have it any other way),,varying ages, 3 males and one female.

It totally depends on the temperaments of your existing dogs and what you bring in vs gender. When I had two males, tho one would be considered the 'leader', he was a silent leader, in that he didn't need to 'act' on it, the other dog just accepted it and was happy to be a follower,,brought in the female who was a "queen" bee, no problems, brought in another male, and no problems, he was happy to just go with the flow as well.

3 is definately more work than two, exercise, higher bills for feeding, vetting, etc. I like having atleast 3, if you happen to be going somewhere with 1, atleast the other two keep each other company, and lessened my guilt when I could only take 1:))

as for grooming, Mine required little grooming, when I did bath, blow out etc, usually summer time outside, and must say, broken back by the time I got done with 4 ! LOL

If you have pushy dogs, I wouldn't bring in another pushy dog, a more laid back, go with the flow type.. I don't want to live with multiple pushy dogs, trouble brews, and personally tho, I have two females right now and one male,,having a choice, I think multiple males are easier than multiple females (tho I don't have problems right now)
I agree, I think it depends on the personality of the current dogs and the new dog/puppy. I have 1 male GSD that is extremely goofy, friendly and he is a follower, not a leader. I have a male GSD/Husky mix that is serious, protective, cautious and he is definitly the leader. He is bossy and dominant. I will be adding another GSD to my pack in a couple of years and I dont know if I'll get another male or female but which ever it is it has to be laid back and not a leader otherwise it will clash with my GSD/Husky mix and then I'll have problems.
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