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I am trying to do a lot to help Shane over come his aggression with other dogs. However, some days I feel like it is helpless. If I think I am making progress one day..the next day it is like he takes 2 steps back. I was looking up some books online and I was wondering if anyone heard of Patricia B. McConnell, she wrote "The Cautious Canine" and the "Feisty Fido." If anyone can tell be about these books or the author...thanks!
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These books are great for working with an aggressive type dog! Fiesty Fido is a good place to start.
Originally Posted By: tibvixie101Fiesty Fido is a good place to start.
Did you make that up !!!
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Feisty Fido is a HUGE help. The program in it takes a lonnnnggg time, but WOW do you see a big response! It just hits you one day as you are out working your dog and another dog comes into view, and your dog's usual explosion is only half-hearted, or the dog EASILY looks at you instead of the other dog.. and you now know the time and effort are WORKING!
I remember how *shocked* I was
the first time I noticed the program was begining to work! Good luck with sweetie Shane!
You can do this! There is hope yet.
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Thanks guys! I purchased the book.

Brightelf, I can't wait to be "shocked" one day too! I just want to be able to walk by another dog without being embarrassed the way my dog reacts! Thank you for the support!

Keep your fingers crossed!
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I recommend Pam Dennison's 'Bringing Light to Shadow'. I also have Fiesty Fido but like Pam's book better. Pam's book is not a step by step training book instead it is a book about how she took in a Border Collie who was 'very' human aggressive and worked retrained him. I know her methods work because I have met Shadow several times.
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