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Hi All

I have been in this forum for a couple of years. I consider myself a newbie regarding the German shepherd breed. I have a 1.5 year old showline male. Recently, I have become interested in the WGWL and the Czech lines. I hope to get a working line puppy in a few years (when my present brat is "middle-aged").

I recently saw two litter announcements, which got my very excited, since the dams in these litters, in my opinion, are stellar in achievements. In my quest for knowledge and better understanding on the breed and lines :), I wanted your opinion on these breedings.

1) Kery Kamos Durabo ZVV2/IPO3 x Gina Jipo Me ZVV3/IPO3
2) Endy Karthago SchH3 x Geischa Eqidius IPO3, WUSV'12 (3rd place)


SP from OR:p
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