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Thoughts on Suesse

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Here is are few shots of Suesse at 8 1/2 months old.
I can try to get get some better shots, she is not too thrilled about getting her picture taken.

Head Shot her eyes are brown why they come out blue I don't know

2 Bad attempts at a stack.


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Looks like she would be a fast and agile worker. I assume she is from working lines. Sables are good! lol.
I can't say too much structure-wise, but she looks pretty nervous in all the pics.
I saw that, too. Poor gal! Is she a liver sable? The black areas just don't look black. I love that blue eye effect, however it happened.

She is down in the pasterns, very long hocks, could use a wee more angulation in the rear, shoulder is straighter than I'd like, she looks to have a very deep chest, rear feet look nice and firm but the front feet do not and they're flat, it's hard to judge her back/rear because she's so tucked under, same with her head. I like how her ears are sized- they aren't huge and are actually a perfect size. She does look a little long in body, I think in the loin. She probably could lose a couple pounds and exchange that for a lot more muscle, then she'd look a lot better. She looks to be more of an American pet line than a working line, but maybe working line is recent in her history.

I hope she's not so nervous all the time! Poor gal. Give her lots of scritches for posing!
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Shes a pretty girl. Why is her tail between her legs? Nice coat though.
No she is not nervous all the time. Figured out she doesn't care for the high pitch noise the camera makes. Ya think a 8 month old puppy needs to lose weight? Guess it must be the angle or the fact that my camera isn't that great cuz she is far from over weight.
Not overweight, more like "trade for muscle." I think she'd look a lot better after some muscle toning. That can dramatically improve appearances in any dog, and of course has a great health benefit. But I do agree with you, she is NOT overweight. I worded my post incorrectly and should have simply said "more muscle."
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