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This or That?

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As you guys should already know, I have reserved a puppy from this female: Connie

However, another thing you guys should already know is that I perfer a black and tan GSD. The breeder has another female, Tigress's Homepage , Tigress, who will be bred in my timeline.

Tigress is black and tan and looking at her past puppies, they're very cute and black and tan. So, I'm thinking about switching my reserve to Tigress.

Here's the problem.

Tigress puppies have more drive than Connie's and also her puppies tend to be more dominant. I keep telling myself to stick with Connie because a Connie puppy seems to suit a first time GSD owner better. BUT, the breeder did say both Tigress and Connie produce puppies that would suit me.

So, the pros of going with Tigress are:
1. I get the color I want
2. Her hips are excellent, top 1%!

The cons:
1. More energy= more excercise. (I'm not used to giving more than 3 walks, hour at a time, a day)
2. I've dealt with dominant dogs before, or so I think, so would I be able to handle a potential dominant GSD?

What do you guys think I should do and why?
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If the breeder says the black and tan produces pups with stronger drives and personality, and you are concerned about the stronger drives and personality, go with the other bitch, but...

that is only 1/2 of the equation. Maybe not an entire half, though it is half of the genetics, you must also consider the male.

It would be best to compare the male to the female, their temperaments and traits as well as structure. Color is the last thing on the list to consider.

Do you want a dog that looks like everything you dream about?


Do you want a dog that acts like everything you dream about?

You can get both, but if it is a question of one or the other...
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with the proper training and socializing
i don't think you have to worry
about dominance.
Depending on the color genetics of the sable female, she COULD have B&T puppies herself depending on what male she is bred to. (I wouldn't be surprised if she had B&T puppies by the male she is surrently bred to.)

I still say, of the 2 females, I would go with the sable 100%.
with the proper training and socializing
i don't think you have to worry
about dominance.
Unless I am mistaken, this will be GSDfan's first GSD puppy. In that case, getting a pushy, dominant dog would be a bad idea.
While I do not like the term "dominant" when referred to dogs, as I think it is very much over used and poorly or incorrectly defines dogs and their behavior, in this case, I agree that getting the type of dog that is normally defined as such could be a mistake.
But, I also think that much of the dog's personality has to do with litter standing as much as genetics. Not every pup in a litter will be super independent, or hard, or pushy, or competition-material. So it is important to work closely with the breeder and maybe even visit the litter two or three times while selecting. Maybe do some temperament testing on the puppies to get a good idea of their character.

Just because you see a puppy tackle and "dominate" another puppy does not mean that it is dominant, in another ten minutes the other pup may do the same to him and more. But if you look at the puppies a couple of times a week or so between, you can get a feel for which puppies seem to be the leaders and which are more followers, which are outgoing and which trend toward being less so.

Drop your keys so they make a noise, discover which pups recover quickest and how they do so. One might bark and try to investigate, another might take the keys and run with them like a trophy, another might bark and stay away, another might totally ignore the incident.

Crackling a plastic bottle is another thing you can do. See who is interested, and what they do. Who gets the bottle away from the others the most often.

For a first pup, you really want a middle of the road puppy, a puppy who is not likely to run away at a sound and stay away, but also one who is unlikely to get the bottle every single time. You will not want a puppy that totally ignores it. You will probably want a puppy that joins in the play, notices the sound, ok to startle so long as he recovers quickly.

Good luck.
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you're right, it is the OP's first GSD. i don't give much
thought about dominance thing. with proper training and
socializing the OP can have the type of dog they want.

so, you get a puppy at 8 or 9 weeks old. let's say it's dominant.
how do you know it's going to be dominant when it's
trained and socialized? i think the dominance factor is overrated.

Unless I am mistaken, this will be GSDfan's first GSD puppy. In that case, getting a pushy, dominant dog would be a bad idea.
I think strict use of NILIF from the first day you bring puppy home goes a LOOOOONG way toward creating a good bond and obedience from the dog, even if he/she ends up bing a more assertive personality (I also dislike the over use of the term "Dominance").

But I think if I had to choose between temperament and looks, I would go with temperament, no question. I would also go with health over looks too.
Talked to the breeder today. I'm sticking with Connie, but I think I want to look around at other breeders. I also want to do more research on bloodlines.
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