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This or That?

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As you guys should already know, I have reserved a puppy from this female: Connie

However, another thing you guys should already know is that I perfer a black and tan GSD. The breeder has another female, Tigress's Homepage , Tigress, who will be bred in my timeline.

Tigress is black and tan and looking at her past puppies, they're very cute and black and tan. So, I'm thinking about switching my reserve to Tigress.

Here's the problem.

Tigress puppies have more drive than Connie's and also her puppies tend to be more dominant. I keep telling myself to stick with Connie because a Connie puppy seems to suit a first time GSD owner better. BUT, the breeder did say both Tigress and Connie produce puppies that would suit me.

So, the pros of going with Tigress are:
1. I get the color I want
2. Her hips are excellent, top 1%!

The cons:
1. More energy= more excercise. (I'm not used to giving more than 3 walks, hour at a time, a day)
2. I've dealt with dominant dogs before, or so I think, so would I be able to handle a potential dominant GSD?

What do you guys think I should do and why?
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That whole "top 1%" and "top 5%" line is part of what I didn't like about the breeder's website. As far as the dog's functionality and its likelihood of producing puppies with good, fair, or dysplastic hips, whether the dog is "top 1%" or "top 20%" means nothing. If a dog's "top claim to fame is her hips" (their words, not mine), that's not saying much IMHO.
But what should I ask my breeder? :confused: She's already stated that both Tigress and Connie would produce a good puppy for me.
In that case, choose the one you want. Or the one that comes up first. :) Hopefully she'll be able to guide your choice better once pups are on the ground and she knows a little about their fuzzy little personalities.
with the proper training and socializing
i don't think you have to worry
about dominance.
Unless I am mistaken, this will be GSDfan's first GSD puppy. In that case, getting a pushy, dominant dog would be a bad idea.
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