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This is sick - poor GSD

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Son, mother barred from owning dogs after bestiality complaint,0,6273499.story

A Palm Beach Gardens man and his mother, a middle school science teacher, are permanently barred from owning or possessing animals, a judge ruled Thursday after watching a short film of the man having sex in his bedroom with a German shepherd.

Palm Beach County Judge Frank Castor also ordered that the county be given custody of the woman's pets — two German shepherds and two cats — and ruled that she and her son, 18, jointly pay the county $1,848 in boarding costs and other fees.

The man, who was 17 at the time of the recorded activity, did not appear in court. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is not identifying him because he was a juvenile at the time of the activity.

His mother, whose residence is where the sexual activity occurred, teaches at a public school. She testified at Thursday's hearing, insisting repeatedly that she was unaware of her son's sexual acts with her male German shepherd. She said she found the behavior reprehensible and out of character for her son, whom she said is a recently graduated high school honors student. Thursday's hearing included graphic details of the man's sexual acts, including descriptions of the film that Palm Beach County sheriff's investigators found stored on his personal computer in his bedroom.

The woman urged the judge not to take away her dogs, and said not allowing her to have future pets "is punishing the mother for the sins of a son."

She told the judge, "I have not done anything wrong or have hurt these animals in any way. I was mortified to find this was going on."

The county intends to put the animals up for adoption.
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Hope the people never have an animal again. The kid is sick. I had heard about this case and am glad the judge ruled as he did. Hope the kid gets help.
I feel bad for the mom. thats really harsh for her if she didnt know what was going on!
Sick is not even close to what this kid is doing.
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