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I see here

that you dog is a submissive urinator.

I know you really love your dog or you wouldn't be here asking for advice.
I'm going to be honest and say that your wife's reaction was not a good one. You've gotten plenty of good advice in the other thread and I hope you will pass it along to your wife. If you've got a fearful dog and you reinforce that fear then you may end up with a fear aggressive dog who tries to defend himself by biting.

He did what he did because he was afraid and was trying to tell the girl to back off. The best thing you can do with your dog is to use positive, reward based training from now on. If he does something "wrong" then ignore it and only reward the positive. You've got to get everyone in your family on board with this type of training. Avoid situations where you know he will be scared until you can get him to a more stable place.
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