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Let me just start by saying that we live in a city and our backyard is not big, maybe about 50’x30’, but we make the most of it.
We do this about 3-4 times a day, depending on the temperature outside. It can last 5-25 minutes and it really wears her out. This is what saved us during the crazy puppy biting phase! 😂
Our play consists of three toys: Nerf duck, Chuckit ball and a hot dog squeaky rubber toy.

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And that is the exact hierarchy of it. Brie will pick up the duck and just carry it in her mouth during the whole play. The duck is her prized toy. While she’s holding on to the duck we will kick the ball and hot dog back and forth and she will chase them and circle around them. I guess that’s her way of “herding” them. Occasionally she will drop the duck and pick up the ball instead.
She got ahold of the duck inside the house and chewed a hole into it so I had to take the stuffing out and now she can’t play with it anymore because it doesn’t allow her to pant and hold it at the same time, so we are down to the ball and hot dog. The ball got a bump to her #1 favorite toy 😂 I’ll buy her up a new duck so we can have the full squad again. She absolutely loves this game and it wears her out more than a 30 minute walk. Brie is such a goofball. 😜
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