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Hope this is the right spot for this.

So, this last weekend we got a gorgeous little girl, a Sable who is 8 months old. (See Intro) She continues to shine for us. Yesterday, my wife took her for health check at our Vet as required by our contract. Our Vet whom we've used for the past 5 years, and had seen us through with our Rotty's passing, gave her a clean bill thus far, and very good marks for her office behavior. Kelly was so good with her examination and had the entire medical staff wowed, all giving the thumbs up.

I don't know why I was so worried about her last weekend. Sunday, I woke up thinking about every possible bad scenario, and strategically thinking what I would do about it. This seemed odd, especially after a long and pleasant meeting with her on Saturday. Heck, I knew she chose us, because the others (siblings) wanted nothing to do with us. I spent hours here (before I registered) just combing through all the problems and solutions given.

The thing is, Kelly has integrated so fast and so well, it feels odd. She's accepted her place, and accepted the leadership of myself, my wife and daughter. She accepted her crate as her comfort corner, had no anxiety the first night and is potty training very well. Her basic OB commands are weak, but she is getting quicker and she does want to please for sure.

Here's the rub, what we were told is she had minimal OB work. Her brother and sisters had more working drive than her, so she wasn't being worked as much. Her siblings were fully trained but when we seen them, they didn't seem like it and were more independent. But Kelly is showing signs of much greater potential. She seems to investigate everything new with a discerning eye and recovers very quickly to things that startle her.

I was told she never liked the crate and so had to be kenneled. I worked with her for awhile and she now goes freely.

I guess I figured she would need lots of work, and we'd have lots of problems at the get go. But it's not like that. I feel almost self-conscious posting this. Almost like asking if this is normal. She is working out perfectly. I am so glad we got her. She is just thriving being inside with us.

So no rants, no problems and a good story. I'm sure things will crop up, for now, I'll enjoy the moment and continue to work on her natural instincts.

Thanks for listening.
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